Wastewater Treatment


Lynnwood Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) collects and treats wastewater from a sewer service area of approximately 6,000 acres. The City’s goal is to protect public health and the environment by effectively treating sewage before it is discharged back into natural water bodies or reused.

WWTP Plant Processes

Lynnwood WWTP employes a series of techniques and technologies to fulfill our mission of protecting public health and preserving the environment. Discover how we remove impurities, harness new technologies and achieve compliance with rigorous environmental standards.


Lynnwood wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan 2022


In 2020, the City engaged the services of RH2 consultants to conduct a thorough evaluation of the Wastewater Treatment facilities and provide engineering recommendations to address the operational deficiencies, regulatory requirements, and expansion of the facility to accommodate growth. RH2 provided engineering recommendations along with estimated costs and a preliminary implementation schedule for the proposed improvements.

Value Engineering Review of Lynnwood WWTP Facility Plan

Given the scale of these improvements, the City deemed it essential to undertake additional analysis and planning to ensure the seamless continuation of operations during the construction phase. The City has recently hired Hazen and Sawyer to perform a value engineering review of the WWTP Facility Plan. This process will help the city identify potential risks and opportunities, ensuring that the investments yield the maximum benefits to the public.

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