Municipal Court

Municipal Court Judge's Gavel

Presiding Judge, Stephen E. Moore
Court Administrator, Paulette N. Revoir


NOTICE – Lynnwood Municipal Court will be holding all virtual hearings via Zoom. If you received a traffic infraction/photo enforcement infraction you must first submit a hearing request. Once you have received a notice of hearing by mail for any type of case (criminal matters/infractions/photo enforcement) with a specified date and time provided by the court please schedule your hearing by clicking here. 

*Hearings MUST be scheduled more than 1 hour in advance. The scheduling software will not allow anyone to register for the hearing less than 1 hour ahead.

A copy of our virtual courtroom instructions and information can be accessed here.(PDF, 80KB)

Please read through the Zoom instructions on the left-hand side of the court calendar when you go in to schedule your hearing.

Lynnwood Municipal Court's Zoom Etiquette video can be accessed here.

If you are unsure of your hearing date/time please contact the court at 425-670-5100. Please note that if you select an incorrect hearing date/time and fail to appear at the proper hearing your case will not be heard and it will be considered a failure to appear. A failure to appear may result in a bench warrant and/or suspension of your license. 

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Zoom technology and test out the software prior to your hearing as Lynnwood Municipal Court cannot be responsible for any technology related issues should they arise on the date/time of your hearing.

If you were previously granted a telephonic hearing your telephonic hearing is cancelled and you will need to reschedule your hearing using the link above. Zoom hearings are a requirement for all defendants going forward and telephonic hearings will not be conducted.

Lynnwood Municipal Court's GAO 2020-005(PDF, 56KB)

All hearings for traffic infraction and photo enforcement matters set before August 1st, 2020 shall be heard via online submission or written statement. Please click here to request a mitigation or contested hearing by mail or email written statement. If you wish to appear in person for your hearing that is scheduled prior to August 1st, 2020 please click here to request a continuance to after August 1st, 2020.

  • Courtroom proceedings can be listened to live at

  • Court customers are strongly encouraged to use court drop box on the 1st floor or the Criminal Justice Center in lieu of appearing at the clerk’s office.   Payments, correspondence, hearing request, etc. placed in the drop box will be processed daily. 

  • Court Customers are strongly encouraged to utilize the court’s online forms and services.

Please contact the Lynnwood Municipal Court by phone at 425-670-5100 or by email at with your questions.