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  1. Miguel de Campos
    The number of people playing pickleball has exploded since Lynnwood's original PARC Plan was designed in 2016. Countless Parks departments throughout the country have now recognized that pickleball promotes health, social connections, and well-being of community members of all ages and abilities and are planning accordingly. I'm surprised I don't see any update to the Lynnwood's PARC plan that addresses the fast growing popularity of this sport.
  2. Catherine Brand
    Consider senior-friendly areas, e.g., parking not far from walkable paths, lighting in parking lots, bathrooms with toilet seats that are HIGH so that those of us with knee issues don't have to squat. Sorry to be graphic...... grab bars in each toilet stall.
  3. Jimi Vernie
    Going over the amenities at the various parks, I saw tennis courts, basketball courts but no pickleball courts. You are missing one of the best ways to engage older adults as well multi-age groups in an activity that promotes physical as well as social and mental well being. The old survey forms and state suggested ideas for recreation came out before pickleball hit the scene - This activity is one of the fastest growing activities in the USA. One tennis court will support two pickleball courts- one on each side of the net. This provides you an opportunity to provide even more public access to ourtdoor activity with already existing facilities. Just paint the proper lines.
  4. Brandon Duncan
    I’m happy to see the recognition in the report of the low park density and poor walkability/bikeabilty of much of north Lynwood and looks forward to seeing associated improvements. I think it is critical to dig into why POC underutilize the park system and work at addressing the issues at the root. Finally, I’d love to see this coupled with a plan on how to expand community gathering places such as local bars/restaurants, food trucks, and farmers markets throughout Lynnwood to allow all community members to walk to local gathering places to spend time with one another. One thing Lynnwood could take advantage of is it’s strip malls and parking lots to create a culture of food trucks and markets. If these places were near green spaces, it would be a wonderful community-building combination of culture and the outdoors. This type of combination makes a city a place everyone want to be (e.g. Portland).
  5. Whitney Stohr
    No additional comments on the plan. Just want to say thank you to everyone who put the time and effort into creating this plan. It's a lot of work and requires forward-thinking. It's definitely no small task. *Virtual high five*
  6. Sherry Rind
    Before moving to south Lynnwood, I was pleased to see the Interurban Trail nearby. But walking on it, I was dismayed to see that there is no place for responsible citizens to dispose of bags of dog poop, let alone the people who don't bother to pick it up. Once there was a large pile of full poop bags. People walk a long way, and there is no place at all to dispose of those bags. I'm surprised not to see garbage mitigation mentioned anywhere. Gold Park seems to have an even worse problem. I was told it's unsafe to walk my dog there due to needles on the paths. Lynnwood paints a pretty picture of building and connecting paths, but what about essential maintenance?