Report a Code Violation

Lynnwood Code Enforcement officers work closely within the community to protect public health, safety and welfare, enforcing city codes related to nuisance and land use violations. Officers strive to enhance and safeguard the quality of life of our community through education, guidance and enforcement of city codes. 



Step 1.Before you file a complaint

Collect the address, specific location and a description of the issue. If possible, include a photo of the violation. Also, note the time and day, if the violation occurs at a particular time. 

Verify the address is located within Lynnwood City limits with our Do I Live in Lynnwood Map?  For properties located in Unincorporated Snohomish County, please contact Snohomish County Code Enforcement.

Are you filing a complaint about a vehicle parked on the street? Please contact the Lynnwood Police Department at 425-407-3999.

Step 2.Report to the City

Submit your request using the City's online form below. Enter the details of the violation including a description of the concern, address, and your contact information. Click Submit My Concern. 

Report a Code Violation

Please note that you can report a violation anonymously. If you do submit anonymously, we will be unable to follow up with you to gather more information or provide updates on the report. 

Step 3.We will review the report

After a complaint is made, a Code Enforcement Officer will visit the site to confirm a violation exists. Contact is made with the property owner to discuss the violation and identify corrective action steps

In most cases, the property owner was simply unaware of the regulations. We give the property owner a reasonable time frame to complete the required corrections, with the goal of voluntary compliance.

The turnaround time is under two weeks, complicated situations can take up to a year or more to correct. Please be patient with the process. 


A Notice and Order is usually sent after the City has attempted and failed to reach voluntary correction of a violation. If you have received a Notice and Order and are unsure of what to do, please contact Code Enforcement, this is key to avoiding further enforcement action.

Contact Code Enforcement at or 425-670-5420.

You have the right to appeal a determination of violation cited per the Lynnwood Municipal Code.  The appeal must be filed per the requirements of LMC 1.35.200 - Process II: Administrative Decisions.  

  • Application to Appeal

Review the LMC for more information on specific types of code violations.

The appeal will be heard by the Hearing Examiner in a public hearing. You as the appellant bear the burden of proof for demonstrating that the City was in error and for complying with the Hearing Examiner Rules of Procedure.The City will notify you of the date of your hearing and send you a copy of the staff report at least one week in advance of the hearing date.