Development & Business Services

Development and Business Services is Closed to the Public

This closure effects Building, Planning, Public Works, Economic Development, Code Enforcement, and Fire operations.

Development and Business Services staff can assist you via email or phone the same as we would at the permit counter. All resources are available online, through email, or by phone. 

Contact information:

Submit a Request of Determination for Essential Construction Services  


Coronavirus (COVID-19) alert: 

The City of Lynnwood Development and Business Services office is closed to the public until further notice due to public health concerns related to COVID-19

All inspections of occupied structures are suspended until further notice.

We will remain available during regular business hours via phone, email and postal mail. During this time, we encourage our community members to utilize our online resources.

Please note we may experience a higher volume of calls and emails. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage people to stay safe and healthy by following guidelines from the Snohomish Health District.


Permitting Procedure During Temporary Office Closure 

Permit Intake:

  • For all over-the-counter permits

    Please apply online using the Online Permitting Portal at  

  • For Building Permits, Public Works Permits and Fire Permits

    Please email your application to to get a permit number assigned and pay your fee online.

  • For Land Use Applications

    The following Land Use Applications can be made through the DBS portal:

    • Binding Site Plan
    • Environmental Review – SEPA
    • Project Design Review
    • Accessory Dwelling Unit
    • Zoning Certification Letter

All other applications may be made by emailing the application form to to get a permit number assigned and pay your fee online. 



The City of Lynnwood is scaling back inspection services in response to the Governor’s March 23, 2020 Stay-at-Home Order and the March 25, 2020 clarification Memo (see attached). The City will continue to provide inspections for essential projects and emergency conditions as described in the Order.

Protecting the health and safety of city staff and the public is the priority in the delivery of inspection services.

To implement the executive order, staff from Development and Business Services, Fire, Public Works Departments will be performing inspections for commercial projects that are identified as essential, and for any work that is emergency repair, replacement, or maintenance.  Other inspections of single-family and multi-family residential construction will not be performed, including new construction, additions, and remodels.


Emergency Repair, Replacement & Maintenance 

Water service, sewer, storm drainage & flood prevention, furnace, heat pump, electrical systems (service, etc.), water heater, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, plumbing, weather protection, & structural. Exception:  If the inspection requires entry into an occupied dwelling, please note the situation within your inspection request and contact the office at or 425-670-5400 between 8:00 - 10:00 am for a determination on whether the inspection can and should be performed or postponed to a later date.

Residential (single-family & multi-family)

  • Utility disconnections from essential public works facilities, such as the public water, sewer, or drainage systems

Commercial (not including multi-family) 

  • Hospitals/healthcare/medical
  • Drug stores & grocery stores
  • Retail supplying essential sectors
  • Schools (public & private childcare through college)
  • Government buildings (state & local)
  • Emergency services
  • Data and telecommunication systems
  • Water, wastewater, stormwater
  • Transportation / mass transit
  • Or other similar facilities and operations specifically and clearly called out in the Governor’s Order 


Lynnwood Development & Business Services is home to the departments of Community Development, Economic Development, the Fire Marshal's Office, and Public Works Development Services.  Our primary mission is to protect the lives and safety of the resident and visitors of Lynnwood.  In addition to enforcing all building safety code in a fair and considerate manner, we strive to enhance neighborhood quality of life, economic prosperity, and job creation citywide.  

Questions?  Contact us at 425-670-5400 or

Visit us at Development & Business Services 20816 44th Ave W, Ste 230  Lynnwood, WA  98036