Business Licensing

The City of Lynnwood welcomes your business to our city. Lynnwood Municipal Code Chapter 5.04 requires that every person doing business within Lynnwood city limits obtain a Lynnwood business license. 

The City of Lynnwood has partnered with the Washington State Department of Revenue Business License Service (BLS). This allows you to apply for your State and City licenses at the same location.

Resident Businesses: 

Resident Businesses are those located and operating within Lynnwood City Limits.  Resident Business licenses are applied for and renewed through the Washington State Business License Service (BLS).

Non-Resident Businesses:

Non-resident businesses are businesses based outside City limits who conduct business in Lynnwood, such as contractors.  Non-resident businesses are required to have a business license.  If your gross sales within Lynnwood city limits are less than $2,000 annually, no license is required.

Home-Based Businesses:

Home-Based Businesses are businesses operating from a private residence.  Home-based businesses located within Lynnwood city limits are required to have a business license. Your business license application will be reviewed by our Planning Division to ensure that your business type is allowed by our Zoning Code.

Other Licenses Required:

A Washington State business license is required in addition to your City license.  Applications for City of Lynnwood business licenses and Washington State business licenses are available through the Business Licensing Service Portal.  

Annual Business License Fees

$125 base fee, plus per employee fees
$93 per employee working 15 hours or more per week
$48.50 per employee working 14 hours or less per week

Late Fees

A late fee of 15% of the total license fee is charges on licenses renewed after the annual renewal date.

License Fee Exemption

The following business types, may claim an exemption from business license fees.

  • Non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3). (A copy of the 501(c)(3) documentation is required)
  • Religious entities (only the core religious functions are exempt)
  • Governmental entities (only activity that are exclusively government related are exempt)
  • Individuals or businesses who provide recreational or instructional services as part of the a City-sponsored program, event or facility.

Resident, Non-Resident, and Home-Based Business Licenses:

Apply for a City a Lynnwood business through the Washington State Business License Service.  Business license renewals are also done through the Business License Service.  

Business License Service

Questions?  Contact the Business License Service at 360-705-6741 or

Other Business License Applications:

The following business license types are applied for directly through the City of Lynnwood.

  • Temporary 60-Day License
  • Garbage License
  • Regulatory Licenses (Secondhand Dealer, Pawnbroker, Body Scrub, Adult Entertainment)
  • Specialty Licenses (Special Events, Peddlers, Christmas Tree Lots, Food Trucks)