Mayor Frizzell Selected to Serve on Regional Transportation Boards

Published on March 17, 2022


LYNNWOOD, WA (March 17, 2022) - Mayor Christine Frizzell has recently been selected to serve on the Community Transit Board of Directors and the Sound Transit Board of Directors. With the opening of the Lynnwood City Center Station and Lynnwood Link Extension in 2024, and the continuation of the Everett Link Extension, Lynnwood must continue to strategically and collaboratively work with our transportation partners to improve access and flow, in and around our city streets.

One of Lynnwood's strategic priorities is to 'fulfil the community vision for the City Center and Lynnwood Link light rail' which calls for Lynnwood to 'invest in efficient, integrated, local and regional transportation systems.'

"It is critically important that Lynnwood continues to have a strong voice in advocating for transportation improvements in South Snohomish County," stated Mayor Christine Frizzell. "I am honored to represent Lynnwood and continue our strong advocacy to enhance transportation, and work towards achieving our vision of being a regional model for a sustainable, vibrant community."

On the Community Transit Board, Mayor Frizzell is one of nine elected officials from Snohomish County. On the Sound Transit Board, she is one of three elected officials from Snohomish County to serve along with ten elected from King County, four from Pierce County and the Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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To find more information on the Community Vision, visit and to learn more about Lynnwood's Strategic Plan and the top Strategic Priorities, visit Mayor Frizzell's webpage at

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Julie Moore, Manager of Communications & Public Affairs


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