Public Works Crew Ready to Respond to Winter Weather

Published on December 10, 2021


With snowflakes and low temperatures in the forecast, our City of Lynnwood Public Works Crew is geared up and ready to respond! Here are some things that you can do to get prepared too:

  • Cover and wrap hose bibs in the front and back of your house to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Remove debris such as leaves and packed snow from storm drains to help alleviate drainage problems and prevent flooding. *Reminder, adjacent property owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks.
  • After a heavy rainfall or a snowmelt, our storm drains can become overloaded; avoid driving through standing water on the roadways. 
  • Use extreme caution while driving in inclement weather of any kind. Allow plenty of time to get to your destination, always yield to service vehicles such as plows, sanders, police and fire vehicles, and transit buses. And if you don't have to go out when the roads are dangerous, please stay home!
  • Check out our Snow Plow Priority Maps with the button below. Our highest priority is plowing and sanding major arterials so that emergency responders are able to get in and around the city to provide essential services. 
  • Follow our Lynnwood Streets Department on Twitter @LynnwoodStreets to get updates on our inclement weather response. 

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Let's Have a Little Winter Fun...Help Us Pick a Name for One of Our Snow Plows!

We thought it would be fun to name our snow plows that service Lynnwood roads during snowy and icy conditions. Our Public Works Department will be taking snow plow name suggestions from December 10 through December 24, 2021. Once all submissions have been received and reviewed, the top names will be shared with you for a final vote.

The snow plow that we are naming this year (shown above with our crew) is a ten-foot long American Sno-Plow™ made of polymer moldboard and steel. It is mounted on the front end of our 2009 International Workstar truck.

Share with us your best naming suggestions by clicking the button below!

Snow Plow Naming Suggestions


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