Lynnwood Gardening Resources

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Love to Learn?  Love to Grow?  Love to Garden?

Here you'll find upcoming gardening Zoom chats, videos, resources and more!  Stick around and take a look.

Bring in the Harvest

The harvest season is upon us! Marni with Growing Roots Together is back to show us a few harvesting tips and some simple ideas to make use of your garden grown bounty. Marni also visited the Lynnwood Fish Hatchery and Environmental Center to help harvest some produce to donate to the Lynnwood Food Bank. Learn more about the Fish Hatchery and programs HERE.

It's easy to share your garden bounty! The Lynnwood Food Bank is open every weekday until 2:00 PM and Wednesdays until 6:00 PM to accept your donations of garden grown produce, fruit and herbs! Donations can be dropped off at 5320 176th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037. More info at


Summer Gardening

Summer Garden Tips: Succession plant now for fall and overwintering harvests!

(see available handout on the right)


Garden Pests

Summer crops are going in and the garden pests are out in full force! In this newest garden tips video, Marni shares some natural pest control practices to reduce damage to your vegetable garden.


How to Grow a Successful Garden

As the weather warms and days grow longer, we are excited to share with you some short gardening videos and additional resources for new and seasoned gardeners. A healthy garden starts in the soil! Learn how to improve soil health and other helpful tips for growing a successful garden.

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Health Benefits of Gardening

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  • Reduce crime and beautifies neighborhoods
  • Foster relationships and social interaction
  • Provide low-cost food for families
  • Benefit psychological health
  • Support healthy lifestyles, creating opportunities for exercise
  • Reduce waste
  • Promote neighborhood socialization

Gardening Videos

We are excited to be partnering with Growing Roots Together to provide our urban gardeners, new and experienced, valuable tools and tips.

We hope that you find the videos and resources here helpful in your urban gardening endeavors.

Watering! With warmer days ahead, knowing when to water your garden and how much can be confusing. In this weeks gardening tips video you will learn four simple tips for watering your veggie garden to save you time, and keep your plants healthy.

Lettuce and salad greens are great spring crops for your veggie garden!

Extend the Harvest! Learn how to harvest your salad greens, like lettuce and spinach, using the cut-and-come-again method to produce multiple crops of fresh, healthy, home grown salad greens.


Here is a video on Direct Seeding to learn how to direct seed lettuce in succession plantings and reap the edible rewards throughout the season!



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