South Lynnwood Park

South Lynnwood Path
South Lynnwood Park is located in the south Lynnwood neighborhood. Approximately one acre of the park is forested, with the rest developed for active recreational use. Access to the Interurban Trail is available at the south end of the park. The park was acquired in 1975, developed in 1978 and renovated in 2022.


An exciting feature of the renovation is a new mural in the park created by muralist Gabrielle Abbott. Gabrielle provided nature-themed art instruction to 5th graders at College Place Elementary. Drawings and ideas were collected from these students for the mural design. Her design, titled Grateful Steward, takes inspiration from First Nations cultures. The First Nations see themselves as stewards of the land, not owners of it. As our modern society grapples with the effects of climate change and globalization, we can take guidance from the wisdom of the indigenous cultures whose territory we share. This mural will remind us that caring for the earth is a privilege and honor.  


Grateful Steward South Lynnwood Park Mural Concept Design





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