Wilcox Park

Wilcox Park was Lynnwood’s first park, established in 1962. It is a popular venue for community events. Also known as “Flag Park,” the park displays an historical set of 27 United States flags representing the thirteen colonies and the incorporation of states.
In the 1920s, this property was part of a 40-acre dairy farm owned by Charley Olsen, a local milk deliveryman. Eugene and Gunda Wilcox leased the farm in 1926 and raised eight children there. In 1961, seven acres of the property were deeded to the City of Lynnwood for its first community park. In 2007, the Wilcox family donated the picnic shelter located on the north side of the park. Scriber Creek Bridge, located west of the park, is a remnant of the two-lane road that once connected Alderwood Manor to Highway 99 and Edmonds (now 196th Street SW). In the 1960s, the road was relocated to the south and expanded to four lanes, closing the bridge to vehicles. Today the bridge provides pedestrian access to the park. The Scriber Creek Bridge is included on the City of Lynnwood Register of Historic Landmarks.


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