Cops and Clergy

cops and clergy.png

  Cops and Clergy was established by Lynnwood Police Chief Tom Davis in early 2017 to unite faith-based leaders and the police department with the goal of building trust throughout our diverse religious community.  

  Since its creation, the Cops and Clergy program has grown exponentially, acquiring new member congregations on a regular basis.  The leaders of those churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques serve as liaisons between law enforcement and their own congregations.

  Regularly scheduled meetings are a mix of open discussion as well as presentations by experts ranging from recognizing drug abuse to domestic violence and cybersecurity.  Additionally, members of the Lynnwood Police Department have been invited to speak to specific congregations on a wide range of topics including use of force and crime trends.

  Cops and Clergy meets quarterly, and any representative of a faith-based organization in our community is welcome.  For more information, please contact Commander Cole Langdon: