Volunteering with the Lynnwood Police Department

Lynnwood Police Volunteers

The Lynnwood Police Department is dedicated to building community partnerships with residents, business owners and those that visit the City of Lynnwood. The City utilizes programs designed to encourage dialogues and collaborations.

In addition to community policing, the Lynnwood Police Department relies heavily on volunteers. Our volunteers help to promote collaboration and partnership with the community to enhance the department’s ability to serve the city of Lynnwood. Our Police volunteers are an integral part of our organization and have proven to be a valuable asset by increasing Police Department presence in our community as well as providing essential services to our City. Volunteers bring unique skills and expertise to the department and serve as positive police ambassadors within the community.   

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our volunteer programs, we are confident that you will find a right program for you! Your knowledge and experience will count in a very meaningful way in our community!

Citizens Patrol Program

  • 18 years old and over
  • Highly Skilled
  • Trained to work alongside Officers during emergencies
  • Provide assistance to community members with car lockouts, jump starts and much more

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Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS)

  • 18 years old and over
  • Help the Police Department with administrative needs
  • Conduct the Vacation House Check program
  • Support exciting community events

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Car Seat Technicians

  • 18 years old and over
  • Teach community members proper car seat installation techniques
  • Increase car seat safety awareness

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Explorer Program

  • Age 14 to 21
  • Increase awareness of criminal justice system through training
  • Promotes personal growth through character development, physical fitness
  • Explore future careers in law enforcement

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