Community Health and Safety Section Outreach Team

CHSS Outreach Team

The Community Health and Safety Section Outreach team consist of a sergeant and a care coordinator. Working together as team, they conduct outreach to individuals who are often homeless and living with substance use disorders and/or mental health issues.

If you are concerned about a person in need, please feel free to reach out to any of our team members!

Contact the CHSS Team

 Email the team:

Contact individual team members:

Sergeant Lindsay Carter   425-670-5617 
Heather Turner, Care Coordinator      425-670-5670


Our Goal

The goal of the Community Health and Safety Outreach Team is to understand the root of what is affecting a person and act as a co-response team that assertively engages law enforcement involved community members, assisting the person towards self-sustainability, based upon the individual's unique circumstances and needs.

Learn About Collaboration

Much of the team's time is spent cultivating community relationships and partnerships with social service agencies so that when it is time to serve a client, there is a more direct route to support. The team's work focuses on collaboration and coordination of care. This open communication can assist clients in finding appropriate housing, accessing substance use and mental health services, obtaining state benefits and reduce the need for emergency services. By removing barriers we hope to guide people to long term success.

How To Support

Since the goal of the Outreach Team is to direct people towards more permanent services, financial assistance is needed for emergency hotel stays, transportation vouchers, security deposits, rental assistance, car repairs, access to treatment and other miscellaneous needs.

Donations can be made to the City of Lynnwood Police Department CHSS Flex Funds account.