Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessment

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Are you looking for help with addressing safety concerns at your property? You came to right place! Our Crime Prevention Specialists at the Lynnwood Police Department are trained Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) practitioners.
Through a CPTED assessment, you will receive advice on strategies to deter and mitigate crimes in and around your property. This assessment service is FREE to our City of Lynnwood residents!

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Here are some basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concepts:

  • Natural Surveillance
  • Natural Access Control
  • Territorial Reinforcement
  • Maintenance and management
  • Bonus: Activity and Support

Ready to schedule an assessment? You can schedule a CPTED assessment with one of our Crime Prevention Specialists by using the follow methods:


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By Phone

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You can reach our Crime Prevention Specialists by calling 425 670 5639 during regular working hours. Please feel free to leave a voicemail, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Step 2.Appointment Confirmation

Once we receive your phone call request, we will reach out and confirm your appointment.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is a set of design principles often used to deter criminal activities by focusing on improving different existing elements in and around your property. 

  • It takes a comprehensive approach to tackling persistent safety issues while prioritizing its strategies to work around existing features on your property.
  • Recognizing each property is unique and in order to create immediate visible impact, the CPTED approach works with what you already have instead of creating new large scale projects.
  • Working directly with property owners to develop a workable improvement timeline that helps to foster a greater sense of ownership while keeping initial cost to a minimum.


 Natural Surveillance  

    • You want to let criminals know that you can see them! 

    • Here are three common suggestions to achieve this goal

      1. Trim down/up plants and vegetation that might be blocking your view to and from the inside of your home. Rule of thumb for trimming up: 8 ft from the ground. 

      2. Ensure even lighting throughout the exterior of your property to create same brightness everywhere and avoid dark areas.  

      3. Consider redesigning your exterior landscaping elements to eliminate blind spots and allow clear view through the property. This will enable your neighbors or passersby to help monitor your home! 

        Natural Access Control  

          • Let visitors know where to go and keeping them on track! 

          • Here are three common suggestions to achieve this goal

          1. Clearly mark entrances and exits to help guide guests and avoid any unwanted wondering around on your property

          2. Consider redesigning your landscape to incorporate features that help keep people on the designated path

          3. Clear way-finding signs or house/unit number to eliminate any excuses for trespassers 

          Territorial Reinforcement

          • Claim and clearly define your space! Private vs Public! 

          • Here are three common suggestions to achieve this goal 

            1. Here’s a simplified example of how you can transition from public space to private space

              • Public: Roadway

              • Semi-public: Sidewalk

              • Semi-private: front yard, driveway

              • Private: front porch and home

            2.   Design your landscaping to allow clear definition of private and public space. This will help to send a strong signal to criminals that you are out of place.

            3. Adding personal design elements such as flags, seating or fencing are great way to show ownership. 


          • Keep up the good work! 

          • Here are three common suggestions to achieve this goal:

            1. Keeping up with your curb appeal not only helps to increase your property value but it also helps to send an “unwelcoming” message to criminal elements!

            2. Put regular maintenance on a reoccurring schedule to space out workload throughout the year

            3. Make any necessary repairs as soon as you can to avoid your property looking abandoned 

            Activity and Support 

            • Enjoy the space is the best way to keep criminal elements away! 

            • Here are top three common suggestions to achieve this goal 

              1. Actively using the space are one of the most effective way to deter crime

              2. By designing your outdoor space to give out a welcoming and inviting vibe will help to attract the positive activities and drive away unwanted visitors

              3. If you are managing a public facility, consider scheduling events throughout the year to help attract positive users to the space