Local Court Rules - Comment Period Open

Local Court Rules - Comment Period Open May 13, 2024 - June 13, 2024 

Please send comments to Court Administrator Paulette Revoir at prevoir@lynnwoodwa.gov 

Proposed Changes to LCrRLJ 2(PDF, 74KB)

Proposed Changes to LCrRLJ 3.2(o)(PDF, 44KB)

Proposed Changes to LCrRLJ 4(PDF, 76KB)

Proposed Changes to LCrRLJ 6.1.1(PDF, 70KB)

Local Court Rules(PDF, 120KB)

LMC Trial Procedures(PDF, 153KB)

Administrative Orders

General Administrative Order 2022-01(PDF, 293KB)

General Administrative Order 2022-02(PDF, 498KB)

General Administrative Order 2022-03(PDF, 185KB)

General-Administrative-Order-2023-01(PDF, 69KB)

General-Administrative-Order-2023-02(PDF, 50KB)

General-Administrative-Order-2023-03(PDF, 81KB)

General-Administrative-Order-2024-01(PDF, 59KB)

Security and Preparing for Court

  • Bringing weapons into the court is a gross misdemeanor RCW 9.41.300(1)(b).  
  • Assault in the courthouse is a felony pursuant to RCW 9a.36.031.
  • Each person who wishes to enter the courtroom must first pass through secured screening.  Keep in mind that firearms, ammunition, edged weapons, impact weapons, explosives and explosive components, flammable liquids, chemical agents, hazardous materials, handcuffs, toy guns, pepper spray and weapons of any sort are not allowed in the courtroom.  See GAO 2023-03 below for a full list of prohibited items.   Storage lockers for weapons are available at the Police Department.
  • Turn off all cell phone and other electronic devices while in court.
  • Food items and drinks are prohibited.  These items will not be held for you by the security staff nor the court staff.
  • Avoid bringing children to court.  If you must, please monitor their behavior so that they remain quiet at all times.  Parents will be asked to leave the courtroom if their children become noisy or unruly.

Trial Court Security Policy(PDF, 317KB)

General-Administrative-Order-2023-03.pdf(PDF, 81KB)