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Is the City of Lynnwood safe, welcoming, and equitable for all? Please tell us your thoughts, feelings, and concerns related to race and equity, to help us move forward towards achieving our goal of being safe, welcoming and equitable for all community members.

  1. Ron Smith
    I love America. I love Lynnwood. I love the police. I loathe Black lives Matter it is a political organization which promotes hate towards police and whites. Discriminating against whites & men doesn't make things more equitable. We are one race the human race, one nation under God.
    1. Tony Lynch
      I agree
  2. Donald Fornoff
    I participated as a community member listener in the zoom meeting. It is laudable the City recognizes the need to create a welcoming community. But, remember this- it is only a beginning, and will always only be a beginning. We need to keep moving forward. I worry that Lynnwood is complacent. Participant Wally Webster was quite eloquent in stating that the city was based on bias and white supremacy. He recommends planning for the growth spurt to come, by seeking more ideas about how to make the city more welcoming. Others spoke about bias in housing, police stops, and lending. To think that still exists in Lynnwood is hard to take.
    My thoughts include: see through a lens of diversity all that you do; do so through seeking real data; allocate funds for business owners of color; understand trauma informed care and service.
    I attended Lynnwood University and am a participant in Cops & Clergy. I want to help grow this city towards continued prosperity, but only within a framework of diversity and inclusion.
    1. Tony Lynch
      "bias in housing, police stops, and lending" is already against the law bring your proof and sue. Or is this the invisible boogie man that exist in your imagination? "allocate funds for business owners of color" is discrimination against white owners. Your so called inclusion is exclusion.

  3. Kim Mcleod
    I think Lynnwood is very unsafe and the Lynnwood police are a huge part of this problem. The heroin addicts know they can get away with crime in Lynnwood because the LPD will not as much as question them. I had a prowler in my back yard and called 911, also had him on recorded video as well, and the police never came. I had to confront the prowler myself, to get him off my property. A few days following that incident, my mother, who lives a block away, had a man break into her rv, she called police, and they let the guy go. Within a few more days, the man came back and tried to break in again, doing further damage to the rv. Which I had secured, she called police and myself, I went down to her house at the time of the incident, saw the man who tried to break in, watching from a half block away, told the police where he was watching from, only to be told by the officer," We have better things to be doing, next time we won't bother coming out here at all, this is a known drug spot" I said, what?!, My mother is in her 70s and her house is far from a "drug" spot. At that time, the police just left. So I went after the man down the road who was watching, and confronted him myself, asking why he is trying to break in? He then told me, because he left his wallet inside the rv, after the first break in, and he wanted it back. Wow!!, and the police, do nothing. I am a 44 year old woman, who has had to confront 2 different criminals, because the police won't serve and protect. That's really sad. The amount of money, that department takes from all the hard working Lynnwood citizens, yet when called upon for help, forget it. Told you live in a "drug" spot. So disappointed, to say the least. I'm sure this will go upon deaf ears, along with the couple other complaints I've sent to the mayor in the past ten years, in fact the mayor sent my last complaint about LPD directly back to the police department. In which, pretty much, then made me a victim of LPD harassment. City officials need to open their eyes, and see what is true and really real, with our police. This community is suffering. Our mayor should be required to watch the Netflix movie "unbelievable", it tells you about, who Lynnwood police truly are. I too, suffered the ongoing harassment the girl in the movie suffered many years back. And still to date, have a little harassment, with certain officers. They still remain working with that department., Although, were just as guilty, as the ones in the movie. In fact, one of those officers has since been made sargent and the other is in charge of misconduct. So, I hope other city officials will read this, and maybe take a little action. My family helped build Lynnwood, literally. My grandparents have lived here 70+ years and my grandfather put almost all the underground sewer in Lynnwood in his younger years. My mother has lived here all her life, and I have as well. If anyone should be able to ask for help from officials, it should be my family. My grandparents moved here when this was known as the country, and they've watched the massive growing up Lynnwood has done. Sadly now, Lynnwood is turning into a crime ridden, traffic congested, over populated, can't let your children out of your sight, to play, city. And the city keeps getting worse. Greed is another huge part of the city's problem as well. With all the traffic light tickets etc. I really hope this will actually be taken seriously, many of my neighbors and people in my community want change. Read locally how people truly feel, on the "next door" platform, if you want to know what's going on in the Lynnwood community. Thank you for your time,
    The Biddle household
    1. Julie Moore
      Hello, thank you for taking the time to write us a message. Would you be willing to send me an email with your contact information? I would like to have someone from the Lynnwood Police Department follow up with you. Can you reach me at or 425-670-5023. Thank you!