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Thank you for providing input on your recreational needs for the upcoming 2022 PARC Plan. 

The DRAFT 2022 PARC Plan is now open for public comment. Return to the last page to review the document and click on the "Online Open House - Public Comment" to leave a comment on the DRAFT plan. The Open House will remain open through December 6, 2021. 




  1. Rick Thornton
    It’s about time !,Our enormously large property taxes&ticket cameras On every corner we Should have all new parks & swing sets & slides and smooth roads . Glad to see our tax dollars working for the public Finally!
  2. Sandy Wong
    The cement paths at North Neighborhood park could use some attention. There are numerous areas along the bike/walking path where drainage issues and tree roots have either pushed up underneath or caused sinkage resulting in walking/biking hazards. These paths are too narrow and should also be widened to allow for both pedestrian and bike traffic.
    1. Sarah Olson
      Hi Sandy,

      Yep! The paths at North Lynnwood are on our lengthy list of deferred maintenance projects. When that project moves to the top of the list, we do plan to widen them. There's no timetable for this project yet but you're comment will be used to help us prioritize this project. Thank you!
  3. John Brown
    Would you please replace the basketball nets. They are missing from all the hoops at Lynndale as well as the skate park below.
    1. Sarah Olson
      Hi John, basketball courts are currently closed due to the pandemic. We plan to reopen them when we return to Phase 3. We know this is an inconvenience but all areas of parks that attract crowds and gatherings over 5 people such as playgrounds, spray parks, sport courts, dog park, and skate park are closed. Thank you for you patience.
  4. Alexandra Frederick
    I would love to see less invasive plants such as Himalayan blackberry, morning glory, reed canary grass, English ivy!
    1. Sarah Olson
      Hi Alexandra,

      We would too! Do you have a specific park of concern? We will be hosting a volunteer service day to remove invasives at Scriber Lake Park on National Public Lands Day on September 26th. Stay tuned for details because this event will require pre-registration (but it's free) and instructions for us to have a physically distant and COVID-safe work party. This will be the first of many work parties planned for Scriber Lake as we launch our new partnership with the Lynnwood Parks and Recreation Foundation's Friends of Scriber Lake fund.
  5. Joanne Davis
    In Wilcox Park, why is there never any water in the drinking fountain???
    1. Sarah Olson
      Hi Joanne,

      All drinking fountains in our parks are currently shut off during the coronavirus pandemic. We encourage you to bring a water bottle when you head out. We look forward to turning them back on when we return to Phase 4. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Kim Cunningham
    How about fixing the tennis courts at Pioneer Park and keeping them up? We used to play there, but they're in pretty bad shape now. Thanks.
    1. Sarah Olson
      Hi Kim,

      Agreed, this project is on our lengthy list of deferred maintenance projects. There's no timetable for this project yet but you're comment will be used to help us prioritize this project. Thank you!
  7. Holly Miller Hernandez
    Looks like this could be effective platform for hearing from the public!
    1. Whitney Stohr
      I agree! I think this is a great idea. My family has been visiting a lot of our city parks this summer, and wa always try to remember to participate in the QR survey.
  8. Kris Atkinson
    Daleway park trails are rarely cleaned or trimmed has turned into a homeless haven for the last several years people living in their cars parked in parking lot all day, we use to walk through the park everyday but not often any more, traffic on the way to the park is also dangerous speeders on 60th Ave. W and drivers at 4 way stop at 188th that try and run you over cause they don't like stopping and city doing nothing about traffic enforcement so safer to just stay home.

    We need to be able safely walk to the park to start with then be safe once we are there that is not happening at this park in in this neighborhood.
  9. Kris Atkinson
    hope my comments are posted and not removed for not being PC enough for you, truth hurts don't it?
  10. Ryan Van Drunen
    As Housing developments become ubiquitous across western Washington, open spaces in increasing dense areas are being gobbled up at an unsustainable rate. One thing becomes abundantly clear, if we don’t create more large parks for all citizens, we’ll miss the opportunity to do so.
    Please buy land and create new parks for recreation, walking/hiking, and dog walking.
  11. Sherryl Kenney
    This seems like a waste of money to me. With all the budget set backs and stuff why even have talks about how to spend money the city doesn't have. Seriously where is the accountability for my tax dollars? I see the City of Lynnwood wasting them.
  12. Char Blankenship
    Why mid August? This should've been a Spring project. What's everyone with the City of Lynnwood been doing the past 4 - 6 months? A local Nextdoor posts that Lynndale Dog Park seems to be the only dog park not opened yet. I don't have a dog, but if this was overlooked by someone, I'd be calling to get the chains off.
  13. Jason Rusk
    The Maple Mini Park playground equipment seems like it could use some attention or updating.
    Thank you!
  14. Jenny Dreessen
    If I can dream...I'd really like to have a nice, rubberized jogging track somewhere. Jogging on pavement is hard on the knees. I use the one at Meadowdale high school, but you can't use it all hours.
  15. Phong Nguyen
    I would love to see the city move in a progressive direction by following the advice of the Urban Land Institute when they came to visit Lynnwood for their parks study last February:
  16. Whitney Stohr
    Accessible public parks and play areas are important to my family. The ADA and 2010 Standards provide guidelines settings forth minimum requirements for play area accessibility. I love that the City of Lynnwood is stepping forward as a leader in the development of parks and promoting equity in access through the “10 Minute Walk” program and such initiatives. However, equity also requires that those with disabilities can access and utilize parks on equal footing as residents without disabilities. Every single play area should be accessible for kids with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids, and should promote inclusion. It we, as a community, are going to commit to equitable park access, then we need to make sure we view “equity” as broadly as possible.