Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance is responsible for repairs to the streets and sidewalks. Specific tasks include:

  • Crack sealing to extend the life of existing pavement
  • Pothole repairs
  • Roadway maintenance
  • Retaining wall maintenance
  • Street signs inventory, installation and maintenance

Routine maintenance tasks include:

  • Street cleaning operations on a daily basis with additional effort taking place after severe storm events, late fall for leaf removal, and in the spring after winter sanding operations
  • Mowing roadside shoulders and other City properties several times during the growing season
  • Restoration and replacement of roadway markings by painting new stripes, replacing raised pavement markings or using thermoplastic stop bars
  • Snow and ice control 

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Snow Plow Route Priorties

This outline is a listing of the city road maintenance priorities during a snow event:

  1. The city’s highest priority is plowing and sanding major arterial so that emergency first responders (Police, Fire and Public Works) are able to get in and around the city to provide essential services and keep the city operational. On the Snow Plow Routes map you will see two levels of the city's highest priorities:
    • First priorities are the red marked streets.
    • Second priorities are the green marked streets.
  2. The city’s next priorities are some of the steepest streets throughout the city.
  3. The city’s next priorities are the minor arterial and connection streets.
  4. The city’s final priorities are all the other neighborhood streets. These are usually sanded and plowed at night for safety reasons, when traffic is low.

snow plow route map

Other Resources for Stormy Weather

How Often Does the City Sweep My Street

Our goal is to sweep every residential street twelve times each year. 

Who is Responsible for Street Trees?

If you have curb and gutter in front of your house, and the tree is behind the curb, it is your tree to maintain, even though it may have been required to be planted by development conditions. If you have no curb and gutter in front of your house, it is more difficult to determine the extent of the City’s street right of way. We will help determine where the property line is. If the tree is in the right of way, and it requires maintenance, the City will perform it.






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