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Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

end of September THROUGH OctoBER 2022



Roberto Artemio Iglesias Giz
"Expresiones del Folklore Guerrerense"

Drawing from Artemio's series "De Tigres y Porrazos", this exhibit celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month 2022, which is from September 15 to October 15. It also celebrates Lynnwood’s friendship city, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. Lynnwood has an art wrap on the traffic signal box at Alderwood Mall Parkway and Alderwood Mall Boulevard, which also features the Artemio's artwork. 

There is an in-person art reception at City Hall on Wednesday, September 28, from 5-6pm. It is free and open to the public.




Now through September 2022

BelowDalaskardPass2.jpg   Below Dalaskard Pass

Roxanne Everett

Artist Statement: 
I am a contemporary landscape painter. I am guided by a profound respect for nature and my personal connection to all its parts and processes. I paint to communicate the importance of preserving intact ecosystems, whether it is a scenic vista or an endemic species. I believe painting is a way to communicate the need of each individual to forge a deeper relationship with the land. 

I interpret the landscape as it appears to me, both visually and instinctively. I use pattern, texture, color and reflections to help define a subject. These cues elicit an emotional response from the viewer which, hopefully, elicit an intellectual response - including increased public stewardship toward important species and natural habitats. 

Many people may only experience a couple ecosystems in their lifetimes. My work provides a glimpse into a range of habitats that may be either overlooked or somehow inaccessible. Collectively, these pieces share an awareness of the fragility and preciousness of our natural resources. 

My work can be found in permanent public collections including the National Park Visitor Centers of Acadia National Park (ME), Kings Canyon National Park (CA), Badlands National Park (SD), John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (OR) and Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (NE). City of Kent, WA has three pieces on permanent exhibit while Hendrix College (AR) has one.

Roxanne Everett is a contemporary landscape painter who is inspired by wilderness areas of the US and abroad. Roxanne worked first as an architect and later received a Master’s Degree from the University of Washington in Forest Ecology. Preferring outdoor environments, she spent many years as a National Park Backcountry Ranger, living and working months at a time in remote alpine environments. Roxanne was selected as an artist in residence for several arts organizations (US, Iceland, Australia, Greece) and is a member of Women Painters of Washington. Her work is shown regularly at various locations across the Pacific Northwest. Five National Parks have her work in their permanent collections. 



Art Gallery at Lynnwood Rec Center

January 2022. Rec Center IS OPEN.


Tori Shao

Artist Statement: Pantry items tell us a lot about who we are, and where we come from. They are some of the most accessible everyday items that help us understand our identities from the food we make to the people we feed. They are also some of the most relevant objects for recycling. While we are very adept at reusing packaging, the connection between a packages final use, and disposal can be emphasized. Focusing on culturally relevant pantry items packaged in paper, plastic, metal, and glass we can begin to connect these items to proper recycling processes that Waste Management provides.

This piece was created as a continuation of an existing Waste Management campaign. Utilizing existing conceptual and visual assets of the previous campaign, this painted panel brings them into the 3rd dimension.

Biography: Tori Shao (she/her/hers) is a Seattle-based illustrator and landscape architect. Her work is inspired by our cultural and ecological relationships to objects, plants, and one another. Her identity as a second-generation Chinese American especially informs her creative work.



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