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January 2022. Rec Center IS OPEN.


Tori Shao

Artist Statement: Pantry items tell us a lot about who we are, and where we come from. They are some of the most accessible everyday items that help us understand our identities from the food we make to the people we feed. They are also some of the most relevant objects for recycling. While we are very adept at reusing packaging, the connection between a packages final use, and disposal can be emphasized. Focusing on culturally relevant pantry items packaged in paper, plastic, metal, and glass we can begin to connect these items to proper recycling processes that Waste Management provides.

This piece was created as a continuation of an existing Waste Management campaign. Utilizing existing conceptual and visual assets of the previous campaign, this painted panel brings them into the 3rd dimension.


Biography: Tori Shao (she/her/hers) is a Seattle-based illustrator and landscape architect. Her work is inspired by our cultural and ecological relationships to objects, plants, and one another. Her identity as a second-generation Chinese American especially informs her creative work.



Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

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