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Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

Due to response to covid-19, city hall is closed and this exhibit may be canceled or postponed. Please at least read about these 2 artists.
June 16 - July 28, 2020

Hagen_9_Magnolia_XII.jpg   SLIDESHOW  

Joy Hagen

Artist Statement: Having grown up in Seattle, the daughter of a forester, I can’t help but love the forests and woodlands of the Pacific Northwest.  I create what I call “assembled landscapes,” using reclaimed wood cut to various sizes and hot melted bees wax mixed with resin and powdered pigments known as encaustic medium.  I love the contrast between the soft, sensuous nature of the bees wax against the hard physicality of process as I scrape, burn, tear and saw.   Process and subject become intertwined as I contemplate loss, devastation and erosion versus perseverance, fertility and new growth.

Biography: Kirkland artist, Joy Hagen, is the daughter of a forester.  Her childhood was spent hiking, camping and exploring old logging roads around the Pacific Northwest.  Hagen began her fine art career in 2000.  She has chaired juried shows, curated exhibitions, and served as EAFA Gallery manager at the Seattle Design Center.  She co-founded and currently manages Studio 103 in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and serves as curator of “Slash & Burn,” a collaborative endeavor which has exhibited thus far at Kirkland Arts Center, Sammamish City Hall, Green River Community College, and Seattle City Hall.  Her work can be found in the permanent collections of Swedish Medical Group and Swedish Medical Center and the Cities of Kent, Kenmore, and Seattle.  



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Michael Riester

Artist Statement: My work is influenced by a personal fascination with images of celestial systems and the enormity of the mysteries of our universe using a comic book influence, traditional painting and drawing techniques, expressionistic mark making, and a deep curiosity of the human condition.

Biography: Michael Riester is a contemporary painter and illustrator living and working in the Seattle metro area. Michael completed a BFA (Cum Laude) in Painting from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. His works have been exhibited locally at various outlets including the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Bemis Spring Art show, Shoreline Art Festival, Gallery North in Edmonds, WA, the Ballard and Edmonds Art Walk, as well as freelance industry work for CBS’s NUMB3RS.



Art Gallery at Lynnwood Rec Center

DUE TO RESPONSE TO COVID-19, Rec Center IS CLOSED AND THIS EXHIBIT cannot be viewed by the public.


Alisha Rose McDowell Rauniyar

Artist Statement: I do art because I do art.

Biography: I am 11 and in the sixth grade. I have been painting and doing art for most of my life. I have taken art classes for a number of years from Patty Makatura. I live in Seattle and attend St Benedict School. In addition to art, I like swimming, cooking, and playing with my friends. 



lonely town
Jingzhou (Mike) Ma

Artist Statement: My work records the world that we live in. In everyday, every year, too many joys and sorrows things happen in the world. Therefore, this world is like movies, yet it is more interesting than movies.

Biography: Jingzhou Ma, or Mike Ma is a student in Issaquah High School and the author of Project. Idun. Every time when he shares his finished art work, his friends and family members will enjoy the art work. This is because Ma records his true feelings when he is drawing. Moreover, Ma are never conceited or arrogant; he just want to show the best and true self.

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