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Art Gallery at Lynnwood Rec Center

We invite youth artists to apply to exhibit in 2022. Apply by September 30, 2021. Applications below.
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Art Gallery at Lynnwood Rec Center

August 2021. Rec Center IS OPEN.



Under the moonlight
Nihalee Patel

Artist Statement: Nihalee enjoys making artworks which combine elements of fluid abstract art and traditional representational art. On canvas, she seeks out the beauty in nature and has a keen eye for creating bright and inviting color schemes. Her works explore diverse themes within abstraction, fantasy, nature, and storytelling. Having fun is at the heart of Nihalee’s creative exploration and this continues to be her motivating drive.

Biography: Nihalee Patel is a 9-year old artist based out of Bothell, WA. She loves creating art by herself and with her family. In addition to drawing and painting, she has participated in the Children Business Fair and started a signature booth named creARTivity. She also sells handmade bracelets and teaches others how to make their own fluid abstract art. Nihalee is excited to continue her artistic studies across new mediums and grow her skills as a budding artist.


Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

CITY HALL is partially open, but the gallery IS CLOSED at this time.


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