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Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

Through Feb 10, 2023

Fresia-Valdivia-Peruvian-child-and-llama.jpg  PERUVIAN CHILD AND LLAMA


Artist Statement: My name is Fresia Libertad and “Libertad” is the Spanish word for “freedom” or “liberty”. One day I decided to use my freedom and since then I have expressed myself with the artistic passion that was born within me by writing, painting, modeling, and creating arts and crafts. I realized that the more I learned, the more I dove into the artistic world, the more I became an everlasting fountain of the energy of ideas. I am an Arts and Crafts teacher with more than 30 years of experience giving art classes to children, adults, and the elderly. I also promote recycling by doing artworks, and enjoy my students' quality time creating, innovating and developing their own skills.

Biography: Fresia was born in 1959 in Lima, Peru, where she has grown up. She has been expressing herself with the artistic passion she has born with through writing, painting, modeling and creating artworks.

She has studied journalism and has trained in a wide range of arts specialties in Peru, Chile. Mexico and USA. She is an Arts and Crafts teacher with more than 30 years of experience teaching art classes to children, adults and the elderly. She also has a few books published about cold porcelain and recycling as well as two poem books.

She has been living in Washington state for 10 years and recently moved to Lynnwood and continues to create art while sharing her passion with others.



Art Gallery at Lynnwood Rec Center

January 2023

 spirit-speaks.jpg     "Spirit Speaks" by Anastasia Rose


Artist Statement: This exhibit from Heart Art Healing includes artwork completed by 8 participants in free Art Journaling Workshops. Participants express and process a variety of personal experiences in a meaningful and creative way.

Biography: Heart Art Healing is a non-profit whose mission is to provide a supportive environment for individuals to REFLECT, EXPRESS, and EMPOWER self, while building resilience and exploring the intuitive art process.




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