Past Art Exhibits

Art Gallery at Lynnwood Rec Center

Spring, 2020



Artist Statement: My work records the world that we live in. In everyday, every year, too many joys and sorrows things happen in the world. Therefore, this world is like movies, yet it is more interesting than movies.

Biography: Jingzhou Ma, or Mike Ma is a student in Issaquah High School and the author of Project. Idun. Every time when he shares his finished art work, his friends and family members will enjoy the art work. This is because Ma records his true feelings when he is drawing. Moreover, Ma are never conceited or arrogant; he just want to show the best and true self.


Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

MARCH 24 - MAY 5, 2020

Fresia-Valdivia-Peruvian-child-and-llama.jpg  PERUVIAN CHILD AND LLAMA


Artist Statement: My name is Fresia Libertad and “Libertad” is the Spanish word for “freedom” or “liberty”. One day I decided to use my freedom and since then I have expressed myself with the artistic passion that was born within me by writing, painting, modeling, and creating arts and crafts. I realized that the more I learned, the more I dove into the artistic world, the more I became an everlasting fountain of the energy of ideas. I am an Arts and Crafts teacher with more than 30 years of experience giving art classes to children, adults, and the elderly. I also promote recycling by doing artworks, and enjoy my students' quality time creating, innovating and developing their own skills.

Biography: Fresia was born in 1959 in Lima, Peru, where she has grown up. She has been expressing herself with the artistic passion she has born with through writing, painting, modeling and creating artworks.

She has studied journalism and has trained in a wide range of arts specialties in Peru, Chile. Mexico and USA. She is an Arts and Crafts teacher with more than 30 years of experience teaching art classes to children, adults and the elderly. She also has a few books published about cold porcelain and recycling as well as two poem books.

She has been living in Washington state for 10 years and recently moved to Lynnwood and continues to create art while sharing her passion with others.


Elizabeth-McDowell-Love-in-Las-Vegas.jpg  LOVE IN LAS VEGAS


Artist Statement: For the last few years, I have been working to express story and movement through painting.  My recent work seeks to do that through light, detail, and angle, mainly in portraits.  Some of my work also makes political and social commentary.  

Biography: I have worked in sculpture, writing, painting, and drawing at different times in my life.  Right now, I am focused on acrylic painting.  I was born in and continue to live in Seattle.  My BA is in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies from St Lawrence University and my MS is in Environmentalist Literature from the University of Oregon.  In 2018, I co-created one of the art eggs for the Eggsplore Lynnwood event and auction.  In 1989, I created a welded bronze sculpture, “Sea,” in Hekinan, Japan, which is currently at the aquarium there.  In 1988, a clay sculpture of mine won the Edmonds Art Festival and the Museum Purchase Award.  For the last nineteen years, I have managed the importing business Evergreen Guardian Imports.


Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall

FEBRUARY 11, 2020 - MARCH 24, 2020


Sandra Pressley

Artist Statement: I have always loved teaching; I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid! I used to set up tables in my backyard and invited other kids over to do projects. I started teaching summer classes when I was a teenager. I love seeing how somebody will take what I show them and then makes it personal, melding it with their personal experiences, and sharing it with others in an artistic way. As you get older, you tend to fall back on what you learned when you were little - it stays with you your whole life - and so I love to share my love of learning and discovery with others.

Biography: Sandra Pressley has a Bachelor's of Science in Education with a Minor in Art, and she has been teaching for 30 years -- beginning with Kindergarten in public schools in New Jersey, where she taught for 15 years. Besides that, she has also offered art classes as a volunteer during the summer for both kids and adults.

She comes from a teaching family - my grandmothers, cousins, and sister are all teachers, too. She has been teaching collage painting, watercolor, acrylics, drawing, and mixed media collage art classes. She encourages her students to go outside of the standard paint-and-paint-brush medium and to begin incorporating mixed media into their works of art.


Serence by Katerine Wright

Katherine Wright

Artist Statement: Every day there is a story to be found. The simplest things can be majestic. When I moved to southern Italy, so much beauty surrounded me: the quite street, the magnificence raging storm, and serenity of the mountains. Then, like today, I set about to connect with my surroundings though painting. No idea in particular guides me other than the joy of expressing how I see the world. My voice for telling these stories is through my observations, sketchpad and watercolors.

Biography: I’m a licensed Architect in Washington State, an architectural illustrator, and an artist. My life changed when our family moved to Italy in 2005. There, I found myself free to explore, my new world through art. I showed my work at a local gallery, and I soon became involved in the Italian art world. By 2011, I was a partner in the same gallery and was teaching watercolors to my local Italian community. I've shown my watercolor works throughout Italy, from Bari and Trani (Puglia) to Florence and Montisi in Tuscany, to Forte de Marme in province of Lucca. 

Since returning to the Pacific Northwest in 2013, I've pursued my Muses of Art, Travel and Skiing with equal passion, striving to interact with community, increase cultural understanding and raise environmental awareness. 

You can see some of my works at