Budget and Financial Planning


The Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) is a planning document used to coordinate the scheduling and funding for major city projects. Each CFP covers the next 6 year period. The CFP serves as an important tool. It's used to insure that the City's Capital Facilities are maintained or developed as needed.

2021-2026 CFP(PDF, 1MB)

2020-2025 CFP(PDF, 2MB)

2019-2024 CFP(PDF, 2MB)

2017-2022 CFP(PDF, 961KB)

2016-2021 CFP(PDF, 723KB)

2015-2020 CFP(PDF, 2MB)

How much do we pay our employees? Who are our vendors that we pay?
This interactive website provides detailed information of City revenues and expenditures budget to actual. We invite you to view the information.
Information is available for a full budget year, or for individual transactions. Updates are done weekly to the Financial data. This information is pulled directly from our financial software program (Munis).


City of Lynnwood Open Finance