Rowe Park Development


Rowe Park is an undeveloped 2.39-acre park site. This property was acquired from Mr. Rowe in July of 2000. The Rowe family were the one-time owners and early Lynnwood residents. The stands of mature evergreen trees throughout the site are the park’s most striking quality, making the property a jewel in an increasingly urbanized area.

In 2004, a public outreach effort included three neighborhood meetings. A preferred concept was prepared from a combination of desired elements from concept alternatives and neighborhood input. The final concept was designed to honor the Rowe family with the key features of: Norman’s Play Area, Bernice’s Garden and Bert’s knoll.

After almost 20 years, the City would like to re-engage the neighbors to confirm and refine improvements proposed at the park. Outreach events are being planned. Please revisit this page for coming information.

Future improvements may be phased and may include:

  • Play area
  • Open lawn
  • Preservation of existing significant trees
  • Wildlife habitat enhancements
  • On-street parking
  • Improved neighborhood connections

Public Notice and Involvement Opportunities

Project Updates


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