Imagine Lynnwood


When you imagine Lynnwood’s future, what do you see? Is it bustling light rail stations, walkable neighborhoods, public art, or maybe it’s a city with flying vehicles?

What do you love about Lynnwood? What needs some improvement? We want to hear your vision for Lynnwood’s future! The City is currently updating our twenty-year comprehensive plan and want to include your big ideas. The Imagine Lynnwood survey is now closed, but you can still contribute to the conversation in the Discussions tab below! Your opinions and ideas are crucial to the success of Lynnwood’s future plans.


What are we doing?

The City is kicking off two big planning projects that will guide growth and development over the next 20 years. Community values and priorities are at the heart of what we are doing. The City will be creating the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update and the City Center + Alderwood (CC+A) Plan. These two projects are vital parts of the city and will be opportunities to improve the quality of life, transportation, parks, and much more for our community.

2024 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Lynnwood is updating the Comprehensive Plan (Plan) for the next 20 years! We want to maintain and improve the quality of life for everyone that lives, works, and plays in our City.

Lynnwood-Comp-Plan-_LogoSwatches_FINAL-03.png The 2024 Comprehensive Plan is the City’s long-term strategy for growth, infrastructure, and services. This update will envision the city’s future for the next 20 years. The plan was previously updated in 2015, and since then much has changed around the city. This plan will provide the City with a roadmap to guide future decisions. With your help, the city can identify priorities and develop future project plans



The City officially kicked off community planning efforts for this project in May 2022 through Big Ideas Month. The 2024 Comprehensive Plan update must be completed by the end of 2024 and is being coordinated with the City Center + Alderwood Plan. The City anticipates that the Comprehensive Plan update will include research, conversations, and collaboration between the community, the City, and other jurisdictions and agencies. Lynnwood is a City where all are welcome. We know the City’s strengths lie in the diversity, talents, and character of our community. This plan will include a robust public engagement process to prioritize equity and ensure that there are opportunities for everyone to live, work, and play in Lynnwood. Look for opportunities to engage with us throughout the project!


City Center + Alderwood Plan



The City Center + Alderwood Plan will establish a vision and goals for the City Center and Alderwood areas of the City. This area will be home to two light rail stations, several new residential units, and increased job growth. It is destined to become the heart of the city, requiring substantial planning efforts and preparation.


The City Center Alderwood Plan will consider transit-oriented development, housing, parks and trails, transportation networks, economic development and employment opportunities, and other recommendations that will create thriving communities.

We are asking you to help us think about what this area should look like and how it should function.  Together, we aim to accomplish the following:
     1. Create vibrant, recognizable areas with lots of amenities that contribute to a high quality of life;
     2. Meet regional growth targets for housing and employment; and
     3. Establish and achieve community goals and priorities

The project scope includes the following deliverables to implement the community’s vision for the City Center Alderwood area:
     1. Adopt a new subarea plan for this area, which incorporates the existing City Center Subarea Plan;
     2. Issue a SEPA Environmental Impact Statement (EiS) and adopt a planned action ordinance; and
     3. Update development standards, design guidelines, and suite of implementation strategies



What We've Heard

What people LOVE about Lynnwood:
  • Parks and Trails
  • Lynnwood's Ideal Location
  • Sno-Isle Libraries
  • Shopping and Dining
  • Transit Options
  • The People in Lynnwood
What people want built in lynnwood:
  • Farmers Market
  • Urban Parks
  • Housing
  • Coworking space
  • Civic Commons
  • Festival/Concert Space
  • Large Arts Space
  • Community Forum
  • Water Feature
  • Signature Boulevard
  • Museums
  • Food Truck Park
  • Shuttle Service

How can I learn more and receive updates?

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