City Center + Alderwood Plan




 The City of Lynnwood is developing a plan for the future of the City Center + Alderwood areas. Within the next 20 years this area will be home to two light rail stations, several new residential units, and increased job growth. It is destined to become the heart of the city, requiring substantial planning efforts and preparation.

The plan will create a more cohesive City Center and Alderwood are in response to major changes in the region and in the city. The City Center + Alderwood Plan will establish a vision and goals for these areas of the City. It will help connect the City Center and Alderwood areas, prepare for the incoming Everett Link Light Rail extension, and create new opportunities for employment and housing.




The Lynnwood City Center Alderwood area is approximately 15% of the City’s land area (1.2 square miles), bordered by I-5 and I-405, and will include two light rail stations as part of Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link Extension and Everett Link Extension. 

The study area is one of 29 Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) designated regional growth centers in the Puget Sound region. Lynnwood’s Regional Growth Center was designated in 1995 and is comprised of two districts: Alderwood to the northeast and City Center to the southwest.

Since the 1990s, established City policy focuses most of the City’s population and job growth within the City Center Alderwood subarea of Lynnwood. The City has adopted plans, policies, and visions to concentrate growth in this area, support public transportation investments, and increase economic development.

The City Center and Alderwood Plan is a continuation of these previous commitments. It will incorporate previous planning efforts (such as City Center Subarea Plan) and will coordinate with new efforts, such as the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update and Sound Transit's Everett Link Extension.

The city has contracted with OTAK to help develop the RGC Plan. The City Center and Alderwood Plan must satisfy the state Growth Management Act requirements (RCW 36.70A) and comply with PSRC Vision 2050 subarea plan requirements for regional growth centers. 

Project Goals and Deliverables

The City Center Alderwood Plan will consider transit-oriented development, housing, parks and trails, transportation networks, economic development and employment opportunities, and other recommendations that will create thriving communities.

We are asking you to help us think about what this area should look like and how it should function.  Together, we aim to accomplish the following:
     1. Create vibrant, recognizable areas with lots of amenities that contribute to a high quality of life;
     2. Meet regional growth targets for housing and employment; and
     3. Establish and achieve community goals and priorities

The project scope includes the following deliverables to implement the community’s vision for the City Center Alderwood area:
     1. Adopt a new subarea plan for this area, which incorporates the existing City Center Subarea Plan;
     2. Issue a SEPA Environmental Impact Statement (EiS) and adopt a planned action ordinance; and
     3. Update development standards, design guidelines, and suite of implementation strategies

How does this Plan relate to the City Center Subarea Plan?

The Lynnwood City Center is one part of Lynnwood's Regional Growth Center. The City Center Subarea Plan was adopted in 2007 and will continue to be implemented. The Regional Growth Center Plan will include the City Center as a district. The City Center and Alderwood Plan will build from efforts in the City Center and will include updates as needed. It will also help shape a cohesive vision and better connectivity for the entirety of the area stretching from the Alderwood Mall area through City Center.

Project Schedule

The City officially kicked off community planning efforts for this project in May 2022 through Big Ideas Month. The City Center Alderwood Plan must be completed by the end of 2024 and is being coordinated with the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update.


The Plan will be developed based on research, conversations, and collaboration between the community, the City, and other jurisdictions and agencies. The following image explains how the plan will be created.


We are committed to a robust outreach process that emphasizes inclusivity and diversity.  Look for opportunities to engage with us throughout the project!

Get Involved and Receive Updates!

Your voice matters! We want to hear from you to understand your goals and hopes for the City’s future. Here are ways to get involved and receive updates:

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  • Stay Tuned! Check this website for project updates.

The Development and Business Services (DBS) Department is the project lead for the City Center Alderwood Plan. To learn more or share your ideas, contact us at or 425-670-5410.

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