2018-2022 Paving Program

The City of Lynnwood has approximately 95 miles of roadways. Preservation of existing roads and street system has become one of the City’s priorities.

In 2016, using available pavement funds, the City hired a pavement management survey firm. This firm surveyed, assessed the pavement system and created a pavement management system. City of Lynnwood’s 2016 Pavement Management Analysis Report can be found here(PDF, 5MB). This process looks for cost-effective ways to balance preservation with replacement.
Program Funding: This program is primarily funded through the Transportation Benefit District sale tax revenue.

When selecting streets each year to be paved, the following criteria are considered:

  • Street condition (pavement condition index rating)
  • Cost and cost effectiveness of treatment
  • Street Classification (Arterial, collector, residential, etc.)
  • Traffic volume (including transit, freight, pedestrian, and bicycle)
  • Grants and other funding opportunities
  • Utility coordination and locations grouping for efficiency

Questions? Contact:  Amie Hanson, PE, Civil Engineer 425-670-5205   ahanson@LynnwoodWA.gov