Scriber Creek Flood Reduction Study


This project has determined flood reduction alternatives within the Scriber Creek basin. The area is between the Hwy 99 culvert crossing to the north and the outlet of Scriber Lake to the south. The result of this project was the development of a corridor management plan. This identifies and prioritizes flood reduction projects in the study area. Using this information, the City can reduce the size of flooding in the Study area.

The City formed the Scriber Creek Flood Reduction Advisory Committee in February 2014. A recommendations report was prepared to be used to guide the technical study. Additional meetings with the advisory committee also took place during the second phase of the project at key milestones.

 All phases of the project are completed. The Scriber Creek Corridor Management Plan was adopted by way of Council resolution #2017-02 on January 9, 2017. Projects included within the plan will be implemented as funding is available based on plan priority and/or need. Projects identified in the Corridor Management Plan will have their own individual project pages on the City website when they are initiated and/or chartered.


Scriber Creek Corridor, Hwy 99 to Scriber Lake,    View Map

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