Connect Lynnwood


The City’s Connect Lynnwood Project was initiated to:

  • Improve walking and biking conditions,
  • Create safer access to schools, parks, and transit, and
  • Develop a safer, more efficient transportation system.

This Project included school walk audits, a parks access study, mapping out existing walking and biking facilities and future improvements. The City’s strategy for making these improvements are documented in the Connect Lynnwood: Active & Accessible Transportation Plan and the Complete Streets Ordinance.

Active & Accessible Transportation Plan

Connect Lynnwood: Active & Accessible Transportation Plan (Connect Lynnwood) is our long-term vision and near-term action plan for improving walking and bicycling. With your feedback, we updated Lynnwood’s walking and bicycling networks and identified which projects to build first. These projects will make it more convenient to walk, roll, and bicycle in our community.

What is active transportation?

Active transportation refers to human-powered modes of travel, including walking, rolling a wheelchair, and pedaling a bicycle.

What do we mean by accessible?

Accessibility ensures that we all have access to safe and comfortable mobility choices no matter our ability level or mobility challenges.

Connect Lynnwood:

  • Describes what it’s like to walk and bike in Lynnwood today
  • Maps out an all ages and abilities biking network and walking improvements
  • Shares the City’s Implementation Plan 

In addition to developing the Connect Lynnwood Plan, this Project includes: 

School Outreach, Access, and Safety Plans (Connect Lynnwood Plan Appendices E & H):
  • Identify where walking and bicycling improvements could improve safety
  • Encourage more students and their families to choose to walk or bike to school.
Parks Access Plan (Connect Lynnwood Plan Appendix F): 
  • Improves Lynnwood residents' access to parks within a ten minute walk of their home.

    A - Vision Goals & Priorities(PDF, 155KB)
    B - Active Accessible Network Identification Methodology(PDF, 7MB)
    C - Community Outreach Overview(PDF, 7MB)
    D - Transportation Baseline Memo(PDF, 34MB)
    E - School Access and Safety Plans(PDF, 9MB)
    F - Park Access Improvements(PDF, 15MB)
    G - Project List(PDF, 412KB)
    H - 168th Street SW Corridor Study Final Report(PDF, 10MB)

Complete Streets Ordinance

“Complete Streets” is the concept that roadways should be designed to accommodate vehicles and other uses, such as walkers and bikers. Lynnwood’s Complete Streets Ordinance documents Lynnwood’s commitment to streets used for driving and active transportation.

Lynnwood’s Complete Streets Vision:

  • Serves all legal users and modes,
  • Creates complete networks, and
  • Supports livability and economy.

Once adopted, this ordinance will also adopt the Connect Lynnwood Active & Accessible Transportation Plan

Complete Streets Ordinance(PDF, 330KB) updated June 29, 2022

Public Notice and Involvement Opportunities

Project Updates