PARC Plan Update



In 2016, the City Council adopted a new ten-year comprehensive plan for the Lynnwood Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department called the 2025 Parks, Arts, Recreation and Conservation Comprehensive Plan. The PARC Plan is a long-range planning document that works together with the City of Lynnwood Comprehensive Plan and the Capital Facilities Plan to provide goals and an action plan for providing park and recreation services through 2025. The City of Lynnwood is required to update the Parks, Arts, Recreation and Conservation Plan every six (6) years to ensure that programs, services, and recreation facilities are meeting the needs of community member.

Tell Us What You Think

This summer, we are conducting park user surveys to gather feedback on how well each neighborhood park is meeting the needs of park users and better understand how people use the park system. If you’d like to participate in this survey, you’ll need a mobile device and find the QR code posted in the park (hint, look for the Meet Me at the Park yard sign). Scan the QR code on your camera and it will redirect you to the online survey. You may take the survey any time you visit a park in Lynnwood this summer.

Scriber Lake Park with dog.jpg